Greetings Art Fans!

Hi and welcome to another OCA student blog!

My name is Bridge and I am enrolled on the Visual Communications degree pathway.

I have previously completed Illustration One ( and this, Creative Arts Today will be my next module. I intend to pick Graphic Design One as my third module.
I’m taking this degree because I’m a Creative who has accidentally got stuck in the life of an aeronautical engineer. It’s deathly dull and I want to escape, and the best way I can see to do that is with a degree!
I haven’t chosen this module for the best reasons. I’m about to embark on four months on the Falkland Islands with no capacity for art materials and an internet connection that is patchy at best so this looked like my best option for something that I would be able to move forwards with. But from flicking through the course manual I can see that my horizons could do with some broadening and from what I’ve seen so far this module will certainly do it, so, let’s be about it!


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