Part 1. Project 3. Place In Art

“…there are more concepts of place than actual geographic ones’’ (Dean and Millar, 2005, p12)  What does this mean?

My initial response to this one question perfectly sums up what I’m struggling with with this section of the module. Although I know exactly what the authors are getting at with that statement, my initial thoughts were that there are an awful lot of places in the world and that I doubt they could come up with enough theoretical notions to beat the list I could make after just ten minutes with an atlas.

What the authors are trying to put across is that there are many different uses of the word place. I’m currently working out of the country, everyday for 2 weeks I have sat in the same chair at the communal meal time. Initially it was just a chair, now it’s my place which is left free for me. When I first arrived here my initial actions were to put my own photos on the wall and to swap the institutional bedding for some that I brought with me, doing that turned it from a faceless room into my place. Another example is the feeling of relief that I have on returning to the UK from working abroad or even holidays. Although other places are nice, England is where I belong, it is my place.

Place doesn’t have to be a physical location, it can be a notion or a mindset or even a memory attached to a set of circumstances which make it relevant to an individual.


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