Part 4. Project 4. Ex 2

In this exercise I have to review some of my holiday photos and analyse them. These are some pictures from a trip to Naples.

I took this picture because whilst in Italy I get a bit obsessed by nuns and monks. This guy entertained me immensely because whilst walking past this bin he spotted something he wanted and ended up up to his shoulder in it fishing something out. Not something that I expected to see!

My main focus on this image was just trying to get a shot of a monk in focus. They may not look it but monks and nuns are nippy movers! I had many blurred images from previous attempts by this point so I took my chance when this guy paused by the bin. It was after this that I realised what he was doing and stopped to watch. Some things i life are just too interesting to watch via a lens or screen!

I took this picture of the market street to illustrate how the Neapolitans local shopping areas work. Stalls and tiny shops are jammed together that create quite an interesting sight as you wander down the road.

My main focus on this image was the composition. I wanted to capture the length of the street, the height of the buildings, the detail in the foreground products. Because of the variable light readings I remember using the couple walking down the road as my focus point. It worked quite well because the ladies red jacket draws in teh eye of the viewer down the market road.

Predominantly fruit and veg was sold locally in shops like this. The narrowest of streets could harbour a greengrocers, a fishmongers, anything!

My main focus on this image was to try and get in as much as possible. I was in some incredibly narrow backstreets and had my back to the opposite wall taking this. I wanted to try and include the whole range of food and the milk crates which formed the basis of the display.

I took this picture at Pompeii purely because it is so reminiscent of the photos that Ive seen in books about that era, the traditional crumbly pillars.

In this image I considered the viewpoint more than anything else. I wanted to be lower than the pillars and to have them take up the majority of the image. If I were to take it again I would crop out the two bits of pillar on the leftmost side.

All of these images were ones that I chose to take so for me, seeing them again returns me straight to the scene. I think images 2 and 3 would be the most effective were I to show a third party. They have a sense of the local place and atmosphere. People are not required to provide this, though in some images they can enhance it such as in the images below…

I find Italian balconies fascinating. Mostly the townspeople live in flats so the balconies represent their entire outside space. What some people choose to do with their balconies is wonderful, there are verdant jungles, outside furniture, a lot of washing lines and also a lot of neighbors having a chat. This interest initially sprang from watching the film Rear Window in college, the idea that so many different lives are going on in such close proximity is interesting to me (and I’m a bit nosy). Well, I spotted these four from my hotel bedroom window, I know for a fact that a lot of people don’t understand why I’d want to take these images (I confuse my friends a lot), but they are two of my favourites!

Do I think it devalues the final image if little or no thought has gone into the photography?

No. An image is an image. I can put a great deal of thought and consideration into an image for it to turn out dreadfully. If, however, I take 50 shots of the same thing and one of them speaks to me in a way the others don’t, the rest will never see the light of day again but that one image will be retained.

I don’t think mobile phones and iPads are a blight on photography at all. It has made it more accessible to people who are interested. Not everyone can afford a camera but almost everybody has a mobile phone now. Great photos can be taken on mobile phones. The only blight on photography since the digital revolution is that people take great pictures which never see the light of day. They sit on clouds or in memory cards when they should be in frames and on the wall!


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