Part 4. Project 2. Research Point: Richard Long

I could only listen to half of this curators talk on the subject of Richard Longs work. I could only do half because enduring listening to the highbrow philosophical activities that some people class as art was making me wish I could headbutt a wall. I guess art is always intended to provoke a reaction, mine is that of aggravation.

In my opinion – Walking is not art. Picking up a stone, throwing it, following it, and repeating this process around ‘a mountain’ does not make you an artist, it makes you a colossal tit. As for cutting a circle in your neighbours lawn and giving it a title?! This was ‘created’ in the 60’s so I can only assume that he was absolutely off his face on some kind of hallucinogenic. Obviously the art world recognises this as some kind of higher thinking otherwise the Tate wouldn’t have brought the photograph. Part One of this module made me fully aware that I think Contemporary Art is absolute twaddle, listening to this lecture just confirmed it.

I’m hoping the point of listening to this lecture is to introduce the point about using photography to record these exhibits and whether this photograph then becomes an artwork in itself. I would say no, it is a record of the artwork because it is a picture of a ‘thing’. When a photograph becomes an artwork is when that image records something in its raw state, something which requires the medium of photography to allow it to take form.

In an effort to try and make this vaguely more level headed I can only refer back to my initial definition of what art is from back in Part 1.

What is art? – In my opinion, art in general is anything which draws you in, absorbs you, makes you want to keep studying it. For example the beauty in a sunset is a sensation of nature, the photograph or painting which can capture that sight, that is art.

After much consideration, even with my newly broadened horizons post-Part 1, I cannot say that Richard Long passes my own art definition, but I’m sure he’s idolised by many many other people!


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