Part 4. Project 3. Intro

Initially I am to look of photos of Whitby by Ian Berry and consider how the lack of people would affect my sense of the place.

Having examined this photographic study by Berry I can say that without the people in the images the place would look stark and barren. They are what gives the location life and character, people are important to images of locations.

I am then shown the image of ‘Cathedral’, Box Freestone Quarry, Wiltshire 2008 by Jesse Alexander and instructed to make some notes on it.

To me, it looks like a hole in the ground. It looks as though a shaft of light is coming in from the surface and lighting up the ground below. The image in the course manual is black and white and not the clearest so I will now go online to discover what it actually is.

Jesse Alexander. (2019). Threshold Zone. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Oct. 2019].

A little embarrasingly, after going onto the website of origin, a hole in the ground is exactly what the image is. Was I supposed to see something weird and wonderful?


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