Part 4. Project 4. Ex 4

In this exercise I am to reflect on the role of photography in the work I have just looked at.

For me a photograph of an artwork is just a record. It does not become the artwork because it is not the subject, it is an image of the subject. Prime examples of this are the wayside sculptures by Richard Long.

A photograph becomes an artwork when it is only with this medium that you can capture the elements of a moment. For example, in the photo study ‘Sleeping by the Mississipi’ there is an image of a man called Charles Vasa who mends model planes. The photograph of that man, in that place with those objects can only be captured with a camera. That is when a photograph becomes the thing as opposed to being of the thing.

Image result for charles vasa sleeping by the mississippi (2019). Brooklyn Museum. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Oct. 2019].

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