Part 4. Project 4. Exercise 1

In this exercise I am to look at two different images of a scene provided to me in the course manual and make some notes on the differences between the two.

The scene is of a town surrounded by countryside.

The first image of the town is a wide angle shot. In the foreground is a closed gate, behind it a field, and beyond that a town. The inclusion of the gate gives a sense of perspective to the image, and scale. The viewer can see the town but also, the far side of it, and the hills beyond. The viewer can take a proper gauge of the location of the town and the kind of environment that it is situated within.

The second image is of the same town but through a telephoto zoom lens. The majority of the fore/middle ground is covered by buildings, in the far distance is a patch of hillside and then just sky. With this second image there is no real sense of place, just large amounts of people. This image feels more accessible because there is no physical obstruction to the viewer (the gate in the first image), but there is also nowhere to travel. The viewer can delve into the detail of the image and explore the different dwellings and roadways, yet cannot escape the town itself.


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