Part 5. Project 3. Ex 1

In this exercise I am to look back at Part 3 of C.A.T and consider what function Straub’s textile is serving other than providing something hard wearing to sit on. (2019). [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Dec. 2019].

The reason I wanted to use the upholstery from the London Underground as my assignment subject is for it’s use as an identity piece. I’ve ridden the Underground for years but have only noticed, probably in the last 5, that each Underground line has different motifs within it’s upholstery. I was blindly staring at the empty seat in front of me when I became aware that I was looking at a very small stylized London Eye, since then I have been actively looking out for different ones and it is fascinating to see how many there are.

In terms of what functions this textile is serving besides being sat on;

Identity – Each line of the Underground network has a different signature upholstery pattern

Communication of message – By maintaining the same visual identity within the carriages through the years, lines give off a sense of timeless service. What I like about these designs is that I cannot tell what era they are from. I remember most of them from being small, I’ve noticed them in more detail now I’m older, but they don’t look dated to me.

Visual Stimulation – In juxtaposition to the dirty, dark cold underground network, a splash of colour brightens up the whole environment. Straub’s use of blue and green is interesting, potentially these were chosen to reflect the colours of the natural world? This could be to subconsciously remind people of the word above, or the colours could just be thee becauase they are thought of as calming.

 Photographs. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Dec. 2019].

the Guardian. (2019). Sitting pretty: London transport fabrics over the decades – in pictures. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Dec. 2019].


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