Tutor Feedback Part 3. Reflection

As I mentioned in my post assignment reflection, I felt like I had missed some substantial content but could not identify what it was. Thankyou to my fabulous tutor for pointing me back in the right direction. What I love about the tutor feedback is the way its written, I missed out substantial chunks of information in my essay but still feel like I’ve had a motivational pep talk rather than a smack on the wrist, thankyou!! đŸ™‚

There were several key aspects which I had completely missed from my essay which I will go back and re-draft prior to assessment.

They were –

  • lacking in quotes to support my views/arguments
  • unqualified statements (need to be more specific about who said what)
  • a reason why I chose to use ‘Show me the Monet’
  • views on graffiti as an art and the arguments for and against

My summary strengths were – Research Skills and Communication skills/writing

My area to work on is – undertake primary research

Due to my interest in graphic design for tv/film I also received the viewing suggestion of the Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer.

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