Tutor Feedback Part 4. Reflection

My summary strengths in this feedback were – Research skills and Communication Skills/Writing

My areas to work on are – ‘Refine structure of essay’ and ‘more in-depth discussion on your creative development’

Looking back at this module now I think I was feeling the fatigue of trying to do too much. Aware that time on this level 1 was slipping away I tried to power through too many exercise at once. I did wonder at the time why I was not enjoying a topic which ordinarily I love! (I’ve been taking photos on and off for about 15 years). I believe I generated for myself a poor negative attitude which did not lead to my best work, this showed up to me when I got the Part 4 feedback (very sorry for all the mad rantings in the learning log *head in hands* )

Factors identified for me to address-

  • essay structure
  • caution on speculating with my opinions
  • backing up my views with key research from bibliography
  • using referencing to avoid unqualified statements
  • approach my stating of views on artists work (Richard Long) in a more constructively argued manner – I’m absolutely bang to rights on this one. I knew I’d done wrong as soon as I submitted it, I was almost howling at the moon during that exercise. He just made me so mad…….I’ll revisit this one now…..

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