Course Introduction Exercises

Exercise One – Tutor contacted.

Exercise Two – Video about how to navigate the OCA site watched.

Exercise Three – Online learning Log set up. I’ve chosen to start a separate page to my initial Illustration Learning Log for two reasons. My Illustration module has been submitted for assessment in July, so far I have had tutor feedback that it is clearly laid out and easy to navigate, I do not want to clutter it up with this next module before the assessors have had a chance to check it out. Also, I want to keep all my Illustration stuff together to enable me to better chart my learning in each topic, so I will find this easier if I keep that previous learning log for Illustration only.

Exercise Four – I was asked to locate an image in the online Bridgeman Education Library using the search term ‘time contemporary’.

Space, Time, Motion, Green

The image is called Space, Time, Motion, Green. It was created out of mixed media in 2010 by an artist called Godlewska de Arabia, Isabella. . Accessed 20/02/19

The 4-5 words I would use to describe it are ‘deep jungle’ and ‘rising light’.

Exercise 5 – This exercise calls for a plan for my studying. It works out at 8 hours study per week for 1 year. Having finished Illustration One which claimed to be the same but in practice proved very different I shall not place too much faith in this classification.

I am about to deploy overseas for 4 months, within that time I shall be on a rigid daily timetable. To that end I forecast I shall be able to input 8 hours Mon-Fri, Saturday I will take a break from it and then Sunday will provide a further 8 hours minimum. At that rate I should be near completion by the end of my tour. Following my tour I will have 4 weeks free to attack whatever is left of the module. I hope (bearing in mind my previous statement about planning timescales) to have this module completed within 6 months.

I will suggest to my tutor that my first assignment submission date be scheduled for March 30th.