Part 1. Project 2. ‘Entrance: Place- The First Of All Things’ Pages 13-14

In this task I am to read an extract from ‘Entrance: Place- The First Of All Things’ and make some notes about how closely related time and place are, in particular when I experience work at an exhibition.

Time and Place are two things that I had never considered together until beginning this module. When I read the two designated pages what struck me most was what the authors state on Pg 14 ‘When space feels thoroughly familiar to us, it has become place’. This is very true and not something I had considered before.

Contents of art works often represent either time or place or a combination of the two. When looking at pieces of art I often find myself transported to a different place either of memory or imagination, this can often go hand in hand with losing track of time in my present location!

I find I’m struggling to generate any further thoughts on these two themes. From having a brief look at other previous students learning logs I see that people have written reams of rather philosophical responses but I’m just not wired up to think in that way.