Assignment Four. Reflection

Well isn’t La Jetee thoroughly depressing! What a miserable film. Doing this assignment reminded me strongly of studying English GCSE in school. We had to read several books, one in which a man shoots his dog and then his best friend, one in which a character spirals into negative behaviors and then they ruined Shakespeare. They could have shown us Shakepeare live as it was designed to be seen, but why do that when you could make classrooms full of people thoroughly depressed analyzing every single line of a play in which two people pointlessly (and needlessly) kill themselves!? It took me about 15 years to realise that actually, Shakespeare is really good…but anyway, I digress.

Part Four has been more enjoyable than Part One. With only one stunningly bad (for me) exercise to complete this has been a lot more tolerable than I was expecting. I have even managed to find a bright side to the hours of my life spent despairing over the fame of the work of Richard Long, telling people about it. They either think it’s mental or don’t believe me, both of which reassure me that I’m not losing the plot. I’m sure that someones response to that would probably be ‘ah so now the actual artwork itself has become verbal…your words too are art…they have transcended the physical form’…..but luckily I don’t know that person, because if I did I would have to pick up one of Richard Longs carefully placed rocks and throw it at them.

If I had been interested in studying Photography with the OCA then to be honest this part of the module would have put me off. I think that I just don’t have the ‘high art’ bit of brain that people seem to need to properly engage with it. One positive influence that I will take from it is that I will try more black and white landscapes. I found the picture in the course manual of John Davies power station to be a lot more visually striking than I initially appreciated. This was enhanced by the use of black and white as opposed to colour. When I get back to Photography again, probably after this degree, this will be something that I consider a lot more.