Assignment One. Reflection

Looking at the assignment criteria in the introduction of the course manual I feel that I have submitted a decent essay for Assignment One. I believe that I have ticked off all the content requirements listed.

To improve this essay I would balance out my arguments a little more. Currently, due to my own life experiences I am firmly on the side of the institution and law and order. This has been further reinforced by working through this Part 1 of the module where so much of the online research I have had to complete has been relentlessly presenting me with a leftist view of the world. Reading about people who present actual turd (Piero Manzoni) or toilets (Duchamp) and call it ‘art’ has been driving me potty – excuse the pun. I think this has probably contributed to my quite one-sided view of Deller’s Battle of Orgreave.

On re-reading my essay what I like is how I’ve tried to use structured reasons to describe my opinion of the re-enactment. I wanted to reference as many different relevant sources as I could to demonstrate that I can relate outside articles to the topic in a constructive manner. I think that the essay flows quite naturally from one point into the next which I like, this is the first essay I’ve written in a while so hopefully the knack of them will come back to be soon!