Assignment Three – Reflection

I feel like I haven’t done enough in Assignment Three. Looking at the questions the course manual has instructed me to cover I think that I have covered them all, and am approximately on the word count….but it still feels like a sandwich without any filling.

I quite enjoyed this exercise which made a nice change! It was interesting to learn about Monets work and circumstances, it made entertaining reading. I particularly liked learning about his single minded nature. I’d summarise it as, ‘I will build a water garden right there with these plants and paint it repeatedly and in a style that no-one else really likes if I want too’, which made me chuckle quite a lot.

I am also constantly surprised (probably shouldn’t be by now) oat the talent displayed in so many different disciplines by Banksy. That artist has got some mad talent.

So, in essence, I ‘think’ I have done ok with this one….but wont be surprised if there is a lot of reworking to carry out!