Tutor Feedback Part 2. Reflection

I was very happy with my tutor feedback for Part Two.

Reading ‘The Toymakers’ again for the Assignment was an absolute pleasure so I will gladly revisit it to apply the suggestions made by my tutor.

My other main areas to work on are; primary research on something of interest which relates to the topics of time and place, and to just generally get out and looking at exhibitions more. I absolutely agree that I do not do enough primary research either online or in person. This cant be blamed entirely on my job, when I do get time at home the prospect of going out to visit a gallery often slips down my list of things to do…..after sitting on the sofa and catching up with Great British Bake Off….

One area which I would like to learn more about is Typography so I might use this as my theme to investigate.

I do have a quite easily accessible local gallery, so I do need to get myself down there more to check out the different exhibitions that travel through the town. I would also like to visit the gallery ‘House of MinaLima’ in London which is owned by the two graphic designers who worked on the Potter/Fantastic Beasts franchise. It was this duo which made me realise that graphic designers can also work in film, which I find very appealing. Reading abut their work has led me on further to artists such as Annie Atkins who worked on ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ amongst other things.