Part 1. Project 3. Exercise 1: ‘Place’, London: Thames and Hudson by Dean, T, and Millar, J. (2005)

This exercise requires me to read and assimilate the essay on Page 11-26 of the set book ‘Place. London: Thames and Hudson by Dean, T and Millar, J (2005)’

Reflect on how you found the activity. Is it too difficult? Do you agree with the authors or not? Has the piece expanded your understanding of what the word ‘place’ can signify?

I read the essay which I found too philosophical for my taste, particularly “Place is all that there is, the limit of all things and in this it might be considered as a divine being” (Page 14-15).

 The activity is not difficult. The most challenging bit for me was in cutting through the waffle to what the authors were getting at. I feel sure that I could have put all the same points across a lot more succinctly with a page of bullet points.

  I don’t agree with a lot of the conclusions drawn by the authors. I do not think that the value of place has been diminished. I think that it is down to the perception of each individual, if you have been to a particular location, you know what it feels like, you know it’s moods. How those make an impression on you will differ to those of the next person. For example, I see big green hills and think of the rural freedom that they provide, a town dweller may look at them and imagine only the horrors of the  wind, the rain and the cow pats. What I mean to say is, somewhere either resonates with you or it doesn’t, there is no lessening of that.

  The only new thing I found within this text was the description of how the modern concept of landscape has evolved into being. This was interesting, and I saw the truth in it more on my third/fourth time of reading than I did on my initial read-through.


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